Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Science experiment gone wrong!

A while ago..I bought another second hand microwave..well I put one on top of the other. Figured the kids wouldn't fight if they would have 2 to use at the same time. Ok that is fine and dandy. But as it turns out, second one isn't getting used to much. When I make chicken, hubby puts his chicken bones in it, to throw out the next day to the cats, as we have dogs and I don't want them to have them. So where am I going with all this..you might ask? TODAY I OPENED THE SECOND BOTTOM MICROWAVE! OMG OMG..THOUGHT THE THING WOULD LEAP OUT AT ME..I KID YOU NOT! LMAO, my son (oldest) told me last night that something huge was growing in it and it was bad! Well..he wasn't fooling! I jumped back when I saw it. It seems there was bones that got left for well lets just say at least 2 weeks. It was round and hairy..and filled the entire microwave..IT was scary folks! I took it outside (didn't really want to touch it..getting shivers now from thinking of it) and hosed it off! I think I will just throw the plate out..lol. As for the nuker..I am going back..gloved ..goggled and with Clorox cleanup..that crap will kill anything and clean it out..but next time I swear I am throwing out the whole nuker..green mold and all! My only regret..is I should have taken a picture of it..swear it moved!

Oh and btw..above image was made by me..using a autumn wreath that I made and bow with A.V Brothers page curl and the wonderful art of Suzi Sgai tubes! Decide to make autumn kit next..my garden kit is put on hold..so watch out for it soon!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beautiful Day

I received this beautiful tag from a friend of mine Cocojax on my fave site Raven's Friends..I hope it animates here not sure it will, if not I still love it. Thanks HON..for making such a great tag!

Here in Tennessee it the weather is changing and getting cooler..should start to see some color on trees really soon. I like the fall..love to see color on trees and walk out side in cool air. Back home in New York..the colors where very vibrant....and I am just glad I still get to see them here. The only sad part of autumn for me is I know winter is around the corner..but here at least it isn't so harsh..and I manage it a lot better...winter is a lot shorter here also. We still get some cold days..but mostly around mid to low 30's..and not a ton of snow. I lived in a little town in upstate new york called Delhi before moving here..winter seemed to last from early November to may..tons of snow and below zero temps. Although very pretty..it could also be depressing because I didn't go outside much.

Today I am going to clean up some and cook..want to make a few apple pies..and making ham for dinner. Might even make some homemade bread..just seems like a good day to put on oven and bake. My kids still are turning on air conditioner..and freezing me to death..lol. Right now our days are around 80 degrees but it drops in the 50's at night. Good time to snuggle up with a book and blanket and read..won't put on heat for a while yet..lol. Well got to run..got to clean up a mess my two youngest kids made in my kitchen last night (made cookies). They told me .."we will clean it up MOM!" yeah right..they are sleeping and I won't wake them..rather clean now and have some quiet time..and kick butt later!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I have to be crazy

Sometimes I think I lost my mind..lmao! I have decided to take a temp job working at my husbands job. He wants to change to day shift..but the man that is leaving I will fill in for until they can find a suitable replacement for my husband and then he can move to days. Then I am going to find a full time permanent job.

I wasn't too sure I was up to doing 40 hours ..but after last week..I proved that I still have it in me. I hate getting up early but I love the pay check..so money talks..ya know. I will do my best to keep up with posting here..still have a scrap kit to finish..and I definitely still want to have time to do things on my computer..such as learning html and css. I am sure I can make the time to keep up. I just worry about my house..I know it is going to look like a tornado with in no time..hell it looks like it now..been trying to get it done..but kids have it trashed! It is a on going tragic event every day..lol.

Well I am getting of the keys for now..got lots to do and working tomorrow..so I will see you all soon..hugs Anne

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Very Tired

I have been putting in some crazy hours this week filling in for someone else where my husband works. Because of our recent car problem, I have put in 10 hour days. Tomorrow we will be sending our car to the shop to get it repaired. I am very happy..lol. I haven't even had a moment to do any psp'ing or html or css things that I love to do so much. I haven't slept well due to the dang cold I have had and when I get home I just fall down in a chair and don't move much.

I am worried very much about the hurricane that is hitting Texas..Ike sounds like a man eater. I hope all in Texas will be safe. Especially a few friends I know that live there. I am sending out good thoughts and prayers to all facing this storm.

Well I am headed to my bed and will be back soon. I am just glad I am only filling in this week and not actually working at this job all the time. I don't think I could keep up..lol. OH man it is rough getting older..lol.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What I want to be when I grow up..

Has anyone ever felt like they missed the boat most of their lives? What I mean is no matter what happened in my life I always feel like I am a day late and dollar short. My dad used to tell me I did things ass backwards because I was born that way..lol. There might be something to it.

Recently with help of my good friend George I have been trying to learn some html and css. He is a great teacher and I am going to start calling him professor George..lol. But anyway..all my life with the exception of housekeeping I felt like I never had a handle on a job or career. Even though I have a pretty good knowledge of business..I always felt under par..so I felt like that wasn't the job for me. So why do I feel a day late and dollar short now? Because I realize what job I want. I am 48 and chances are that even after my effort I probably won't get a foot in the door, but I have to try. I have always loved using a computer..right from when it was dos program and not Microsoft windows. Even when there have been times I wanted to open a window and throw the whole kit and caboodle out it..I didn't do it..because I know that I can't leave my keys alone. Even when I am not online..or have Internet access..rarely a day goes by when I am not on my computer doing something. So my dream job would be something in graphics ..I would love to be the person setting web pages up for a company or fixing pages..or creating new designs for them. I know probably sometime this week I will be booted off line for a while again..and it gets me upset because just when I have finally figured out what I want more than anything..my resources will be limited. I am going to go to public library when I am shut down and find books on html and css..I am NOT giving up. W3C school is a cool site...http://www.w3schools.com/ and has been a great help to on learning, just in case anyone would like to see it. (also this way I never lose the link..he he) Maybe because I haven't slept well lately..but my mind has wondered into some thoughts lately...about life and how mine has progressed and changed. Not sure if changes have always been for the better..most have I believe...but I look back now and wonder what would have happened if I had have known what I wanted to do when I grew up...lol. I urge anyone now..get a handle on things ..figure it out before you are me..and looking back as the ship sails right by you. Have a good day all..gonna try to go take a nap.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Murphy's Law

Have you ever felt like this? Murphy's Law..what ever can go wrong usually does? At my house this week..it seems that way..first I got sick..and then son got new job..(great right>>yeah right) and then bang..car starts acting up. We only have a old clunker 1993 chevy astro van, and it is the only vehicle we have and now it takes hubby to work ..me p/t and my son..not to mention..shopping ,,errands..and kid stuff. Well it is stalling out..needs a fuel filter..and oil change and air filter. Not that difficult ..but none of us are mechanically inclined nor do we have tools need. So off to shop it goes. Problem is..if it had waited a week..no problem..I am working extra this coming week, but NOOOOOOOO it has to act up now. It is costing a small fortune in cab fares..and then the repair cost..shoot..there goes my Internet and t.v and phone for a while..so if you all don't see me for a week or two..I will be back, just having some technical difficulties..lol. Life a B-otch..but no getting around it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just a new shout out

I just wanted to say that I am a proud memeber of a psp group named Ravens Forums. I joined this group a few months ago but I love this group. I have met some wonderful people there and the owners Jeff and Bex are terrific. If you want to come find a psp group that has no drama and is fun to be a part of ..come on and join us. Everyone is helpful and caring.
It is truly nice to know that there are places still on the Internet that have nice people and you can relax and let your hair down and be yourself. I have been thru lots of groups ..and have watch them come and go..and I sure do hope Raven's is around forever. Besides the normal psp stuff..wwo..and challenges..they do seem to be a closer knit community and we all care about one another and what is going on with each other. There is always something to talk about or post to read..and always something to do at Ravens..but one note..if you do come check us out..don't be daunted by the place..it can be a little overwhelming to navigate at first but just stick with it and you will find you will have no problem in figuring it all out. Well got to run..house needs me..lol..really really really needs me..ughhhhhhhhh housework!

Still up

Been up all night once again. Decide to play with some html and css stuff and then was playing in pogo.com (my favorite game site). By the time I realized what time it was it was already close to 5 am..so I decide to stay up and clean up my kitchen some..(not much mind ya...still not feeling dandy yet). I probably wouldn't have slept much as I am still coughing and my ribs feel like someone has kicked me. Anyway, dishes are done..laundry is in, and now I am sleepy but have to go till at least 6 because I have wake up the kiddies for school.
My oldest son's orientation went well and he starts training tomorrow..he is very excited because he says that the place seems like a fun place to work..lol..imagine that..work being fun..boy is he in for a surprise..lol. I am truly hoping he is happy there. He really really need to work..not just for the pay check..but because he is 18 and needs to be out of the house and doing something positive. I wish he had went to college but that is another long story.
I haven't worked on my scrap kit in progress the past few days ..mostly caught up in other stuff when I was feeling well enough to sit straight up..lol. But I am hoping to work on it sometime this week end. As soon as I finish I will post it up and the link for all to have. I so enjoy doing scrapping kits and everything that has to do with anything artistic. I may not be the best at it but it makes me the happiest. I did have 4 years of art classes in high school and loved it. From the time I can remember one of the best past times for me..when I was a little thing was just to sit on the floor in living room in the sun..and grab my coloring book or pad and crayons..or pencil and just do nothing but create and color. Two of my children have a knack at it..and my daughter also picked up my husbands musical gene..lol. She loves music..and is trying hard to learn how to play acoustic guitar. I wish I could afford some lessons..maybe someday soon she will get to go to some. Well it is that time..I will see you all again soon..hugs for now..stay safe and be well.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Road Running

Road running or ridge running what the hell ever you like to call it..but that is what I have to do today....in other words..run the errands..play taxi..so on and so forth. I am still not feeling well..but my son has orientation for a new job..and I forgot to give my other son the house key..yeah yeah..I need to make a few more copies of keys..maybe will go to Lowe's and do that today also..yeah right..lol. I have to drop hubby off to work..also some where in between all the chaos..and be back sometime tonight..toting groceries to cook for dinner. NOW I want to just go back to bed and forget I got up this morning..lol..but being mom means I can't. So for now I will shut up and do what I must and hopefully have time for R and R later. Take care everyone and stay out of trouble, no being naughty naughty today!

Very Late

It is very later or early depending on how you look at it. About 1:55am my time. But because of sleeping so much from being sick..I am very awake. I am a bit of a night owl anyway, so sleeping more doesn't help me sleep nights..lol.

I just came by because I had some thought on friends again. The ones I have met on my way around the Internet. Lately I have met some very nice people and some I have gotten to know pretty well. Sonya is one of my friends..we have been friends for a while now..she is from New Zealand, and I just adore her as my friend. She is smart and funny and a very good mom. We can chat on messenger for hours or not be able to talk for a while but when we get back online together we never miss a beat! Ya Girl..lol. Also from another site I visit regularly is Joe..Bob and sHan (shan is less of a the new guy now..lol) but I am growing attached to my new friends, and just wanted to give them a shout out and let them know I do care about them and they are now on my permenate list..lol. They will always be in my heart and a part of my life..(even if they don't want to be..he he he) I face my life day to day and never know if from on month to the next if I am keeping my internet connection..we live paycheck to paycheck..like a lot of people these days, but I hope and pray a little each month that we can pay the cable bill..because it means a lot in my little life to connect with my friends and finding out how they are doing. Hugs to you all..and hope you are all sleeping soundly..(except you Sonya..must be dinner time for you..lol) See ya all again soon. I have been bitten by the blogging bug!

Learning New Tricks..

I have not been feeling well today..but I decided since I am up and moving I wanted to work on my new project. I always have a thirst to learn new things, so lately I have decided to do a self improvement project. Over the years out of necessity..I have learned more about keeping a computer up and running more than I ever could have imagined. I also gained knowledge with working with paint shop pro. But it also lead me to learn some new things in html. I worked in it a little with msn doing web sets..and I also have a few friends that are VERY smart ..that are showing me and telling me things. But anyway..I am going to work on learning as much as I can about web design and html. As you may have noticed ..my blog header changed. I played around with images and decide to create a new header..wasn't too difficult..no html needed for that. Someday I will have a web site and I promise to have a link for it here. All of what I learn to do and have learned to do is going on a resume and when my website is up and running I am going to go looking for a job in graphic arts. I will be able to have written and documented proof of my knowledge without having a AA or BA in graphic design. Hell yes I CAN DO IT..and I have done lots with a few things already..so look out here I come..reaching for the moon while hang on some shooting stars! Thanks Mel and George and all the good people that gave me encouragement and confidence to try!

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Kit..

I just thought I would stop by and post a link to my new kit..it is free to use..and include this time is my terms. Basically they are simple..share but don't claim as your own..recolor ..resize..yada yada lol. I have so much fun doing scrap kits and working in psp..I know I am not the best and I will never say I am. I will always be learning something different and new. Lately I have been thinking of learn or seriously putting my mind into html. I would love to learn how to make a web page and create everything that goes into it. Lately I have been getting a little bored surfing around doing the same things. Sometimes the only reason I sit down in front of my keys are because I know there are friends whom I have come to know and love. The Internet is my link to them. I don't blog too much as my life is sort of simple and not much changes from day to day..which in one way is a blessing but can also be very boring . I hate drama of any type..but what I am looking for is something new to learn. Some new adventures to have, not just on the internet but maybe some life changes also. I want to go back to work full time..but I would love to do something with my graphical knowledge. I also have background in office..as far as some bookkeeping skills and computer related skills. I was a secretary/receptions years ago..now that seems like a eternity away. Maybe I can find a small office that needs help with computers and such..and maybe even some designing . That would be a dream come true for me. For now I will keep searching..and keep typing..and keep creating..so hang in there..more is to come.

Here is link to my new kit..hope you all enjoy it..