Friday, August 29, 2008

Just a update..

It is just another day any other..but I wanted to come by and say hey I am still here world. I have joined a new psp group a few months ago..called Ravens forums..I like it very much drama..and just a group of nice people getting together and sharing a little about themselves and the world of paint shop pro. I am so addicted to the program and don't know what I would do if I couldn't do it anymore. I love graphic arts..I wish I had the educational experience to go with my hands on experience, I could find a great job in that field. I love being on the computer and creating images..I use artist tubes the image above..great artist ..suzanne woolcott..she is fabulous..and I love her work..a friend of mine made me that tag and I love it. She is a PTU (pay to use) artist and unfortunately right now I don't have funds to buy tubes..but if I did I would have all of More and more artist are going pay..but hey I can't say I blame them...I just hope that there are artist that continue to allow their art to be used for free..or I am up a I can draw a little now and then..but I don't have a scanner..and mouse drawn is not for me..can't do But enough prattle from this I hope you all are having a banner day and will be back soon..sooner than before..and try to come up with something more interesting to blog about..hugs Anne