Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Learning New Tricks..

I have not been feeling well today..but I decided since I am up and moving I wanted to work on my new project. I always have a thirst to learn new things, so lately I have decided to do a self improvement project. Over the years out of necessity..I have learned more about keeping a computer up and running more than I ever could have imagined. I also gained knowledge with working with paint shop pro. But it also lead me to learn some new things in html. I worked in it a little with msn doing web sets..and I also have a few friends that are VERY smart ..that are showing me and telling me things. But anyway..I am going to work on learning as much as I can about web design and html. As you may have noticed blog header changed. I played around with images and decide to create a new header..wasn't too html needed for that. Someday I will have a web site and I promise to have a link for it here. All of what I learn to do and have learned to do is going on a resume and when my website is up and running I am going to go looking for a job in graphic arts. I will be able to have written and documented proof of my knowledge without having a AA or BA in graphic design. Hell yes I CAN DO IT..and I have done lots with a few things look out here I come..reaching for the moon while hang on some shooting stars! Thanks Mel and George and all the good people that gave me encouragement and confidence to try!

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