Friday, September 5, 2008

Murphy's Law

Have you ever felt like this? Murphy's Law..what ever can go wrong usually does? At my house this seems that way..first I got sick..and then son got new job..(great right>>yeah right) and then starts acting up. We only have a old clunker 1993 chevy astro van, and it is the only vehicle we have and now it takes hubby to work p/t and my son..not to ,,errands..and kid stuff. Well it is stalling out..needs a fuel filter..and oil change and air filter. Not that difficult ..but none of us are mechanically inclined nor do we have tools need. So off to shop it goes. Problem is..if it had waited a problem..I am working extra this coming week, but NOOOOOOOO it has to act up now. It is costing a small fortune in cab fares..and then the repair cost..shoot..there goes my Internet and t.v and phone for a if you all don't see me for a week or two..I will be back, just having some technical Life a B-otch..but no getting around it.

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