Thursday, September 11, 2008

Very Tired

I have been putting in some crazy hours this week filling in for someone else where my husband works. Because of our recent car problem, I have put in 10 hour days. Tomorrow we will be sending our car to the shop to get it repaired. I am very I haven't even had a moment to do any psp'ing or html or css things that I love to do so much. I haven't slept well due to the dang cold I have had and when I get home I just fall down in a chair and don't move much.

I am worried very much about the hurricane that is hitting Texas..Ike sounds like a man eater. I hope all in Texas will be safe. Especially a few friends I know that live there. I am sending out good thoughts and prayers to all facing this storm.

Well I am headed to my bed and will be back soon. I am just glad I am only filling in this week and not actually working at this job all the time. I don't think I could keep OH man it is rough getting

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