Monday, September 1, 2008

New Kit..

I just thought I would stop by and post a link to my new is free to use..and include this time is my terms. Basically they are simple..share but don't claim as your own..recolor ..resize..yada yada lol. I have so much fun doing scrap kits and working in psp..I know I am not the best and I will never say I am. I will always be learning something different and new. Lately I have been thinking of learn or seriously putting my mind into html. I would love to learn how to make a web page and create everything that goes into it. Lately I have been getting a little bored surfing around doing the same things. Sometimes the only reason I sit down in front of my keys are because I know there are friends whom I have come to know and love. The Internet is my link to them. I don't blog too much as my life is sort of simple and not much changes from day to day..which in one way is a blessing but can also be very boring . I hate drama of any type..but what I am looking for is something new to learn. Some new adventures to have, not just on the internet but maybe some life changes also. I want to go back to work full time..but I would love to do something with my graphical knowledge. I also have background in far as some bookkeeping skills and computer related skills. I was a secretary/receptions years that seems like a eternity away. Maybe I can find a small office that needs help with computers and such..and maybe even some designing . That would be a dream come true for me. For now I will keep searching..and keep typing..and keep hang in there..more is to come.

Here is link to my new kit..hope you all enjoy it..

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