Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunny Day Kit

I just finished another kit. Since my move to florida most of my days are sunny days..bright and I was inspired. Hope you like my new kits..hugs Anne. You can download the kit here 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My darling husband ask tonight why I haven't been working on any scraps. Lol..didn't even think he paid any attention to what I do. I told him with packing and unpacking and trying to organize a new home..I have no time at the present. Hopefully in the next week I will get busy working on things here. I have a plan to take some pictures and try to work them into my next scrap kit, I am hoping it will work. Here in has been sunny and warm..unlike some other northern states that are still cold and snowy. It is a strange new world for me..I almost think I am in summer instead of not yet spring. I have many flowers I would like to plant..and a yard that needs some tlc..hopefully by May my flowers will be growing here..and hoping to take shots of those that do grow also. Right now the only thing I have growing is grapefruit and tangerines..yummy but not good material for scrapping. The picture you see is of my back yard and my fruit trees, Yep it needs So if you all can bear with me a little longer..I should be able to whip up something of interest, if only a few elements to start out..but I am sure my creative side will come back soon...and I will be good to go.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I've Landed

I haven't been on my blog sorry..but you see I move to the sunny state of Florida. I have only been here a week now..and just getting settled. We just finally reconnected to the Internet yesterday. I promise I will work on more stuff soon. As soon as I can I think I will do a sunny day scrap stay tuned! Huge Hugs Anne