Thursday, October 29, 2009

Perfect Gems

Hey there..It seems I am back in the swing of things again.   I re connected with some old friends on a new group.  Because I was so thrilled having connection again..I woke up one morning with this new kit on my mind.  I was reved up and raring to this kit is the biggest and in my hmo the best ever.  I gave my friends first crack at it...had it finished last now I am posting it here for all to share in.  I hope you like it.  Oh and btw ..stop back some time this week..I am working on another kit..which is going to include some animated elements..such as words and just some make sure you come on back now ya hear!  OH and btw..Have a wonderful HALLOWEEN!
As always you can share this kit..resize ..recolor..add it with another kit..but please don't post kit on another site..add link to here instead..thanks..and have fun!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Something new

I have been playing around in psp and doing quick pages but only tagger size for right now.. I have made some scrap size pages but want to make sure they are ok before I post for now I have 3 different quick pages for you ..separate files on pick those you like one ..two or all I had fun once again creating these and I have use psp 9 to make them and are all in psp format..enjoy!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Treat

I was playing and thought I would atleast start out with a little treat for Halloween..made this using psp and thought I would share..hope you like it..I had fun making it. It is a psp image and I added a copy right layer but it is not necessary to use long as no one claims it as there own. As always feel free to use it anyway you like..just have fun. I will be adding more stuff soon..I am working on some layouts and also a few kits. I should have them up you all come by again real soon..and if you could leave me a small note to let me know you stopped by..hugs Anne