Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Road Running

Road running or ridge running what the hell ever you like to call it..but that is what I have to do other the on and so forth. I am still not feeling well..but my son has orientation for a new job..and I forgot to give my other son the house key..yeah yeah..I need to make a few more copies of keys..maybe will go to Lowe's and do that today also..yeah I have to drop hubby off to work..also some where in between all the chaos..and be back sometime tonight..toting groceries to cook for dinner. NOW I want to just go back to bed and forget I got up this being mom means I can't. So for now I will shut up and do what I must and hopefully have time for R and R later. Take care everyone and stay out of trouble, no being naughty naughty today!

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