Sunday, September 7, 2008

What I want to be when I grow up..

Has anyone ever felt like they missed the boat most of their lives? What I mean is no matter what happened in my life I always feel like I am a day late and dollar short. My dad used to tell me I did things ass backwards because I was born that There might be something to it.

Recently with help of my good friend George I have been trying to learn some html and css. He is a great teacher and I am going to start calling him professor But anyway..all my life with the exception of housekeeping I felt like I never had a handle on a job or career. Even though I have a pretty good knowledge of business..I always felt under I felt like that wasn't the job for me. So why do I feel a day late and dollar short now? Because I realize what job I want. I am 48 and chances are that even after my effort I probably won't get a foot in the door, but I have to try. I have always loved using a computer..right from when it was dos program and not Microsoft windows. Even when there have been times I wanted to open a window and throw the whole kit and caboodle out it..I didn't do it..because I know that I can't leave my keys alone. Even when I am not online..or have Internet access..rarely a day goes by when I am not on my computer doing something. So my dream job would be something in graphics ..I would love to be the person setting web pages up for a company or fixing pages..or creating new designs for them. I know probably sometime this week I will be booted off line for a while again..and it gets me upset because just when I have finally figured out what I want more than resources will be limited. I am going to go to public library when I am shut down and find books on html and css..I am NOT giving up. W3C school is a cool site... and has been a great help to on learning, just in case anyone would like to see it. (also this way I never lose the link..he he) Maybe because I haven't slept well lately..but my mind has wondered into some thoughts lately...about life and how mine has progressed and changed. Not sure if changes have always been for the better..most have I believe...but I look back now and wonder what would have happened if I had have known what I wanted to do when I grew I urge anyone now..get a handle on things ..figure it out before you are me..and looking back as the ship sails right by you. Have a good day all..gonna try to go take a nap.

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Holly said...

Hey there, Great blog. Glad to see you doing something that you love.