Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Science experiment gone wrong!

A while ago..I bought another second hand microwave..well I put one on top of the other. Figured the kids wouldn't fight if they would have 2 to use at the same time. Ok that is fine and dandy. But as it turns out, second one isn't getting used to much. When I make chicken, hubby puts his chicken bones in it, to throw out the next day to the cats, as we have dogs and I don't want them to have them. So where am I going with all this..you might ask? TODAY I OPENED THE SECOND BOTTOM MICROWAVE! OMG OMG..THOUGHT THE THING WOULD LEAP OUT AT ME..I KID YOU NOT! LMAO, my son (oldest) told me last night that something huge was growing in it and it was bad! Well..he wasn't fooling! I jumped back when I saw it. It seems there was bones that got left for well lets just say at least 2 weeks. It was round and hairy..and filled the entire microwave..IT was scary folks! I took it outside (didn't really want to touch it..getting shivers now from thinking of it) and hosed it off! I think I will just throw the plate out..lol. As for the nuker..I am going back..gloved ..goggled and with Clorox cleanup..that crap will kill anything and clean it out..but next time I swear I am throwing out the whole nuker..green mold and all! My only regret..is I should have taken a picture of it..swear it moved!

Oh and btw..above image was made by me..using a autumn wreath that I made and bow with A.V Brothers page curl and the wonderful art of Suzi Sgai tubes! Decide to make autumn kit next..my garden kit is put on hold..so watch out for it soon!

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