Thursday, September 4, 2008

Still up

Been up all night once again. Decide to play with some html and css stuff and then was playing in (my favorite game site). By the time I realized what time it was it was already close to 5 I decide to stay up and clean up my kitchen some..(not much mind ya...still not feeling dandy yet). I probably wouldn't have slept much as I am still coughing and my ribs feel like someone has kicked me. Anyway, dishes are done..laundry is in, and now I am sleepy but have to go till at least 6 because I have wake up the kiddies for school.
My oldest son's orientation went well and he starts training tomorrow..he is very excited because he says that the place seems like a fun place to being fun..boy is he in for a I am truly hoping he is happy there. He really really need to work..not just for the pay check..but because he is 18 and needs to be out of the house and doing something positive. I wish he had went to college but that is another long story.
I haven't worked on my scrap kit in progress the past few days ..mostly caught up in other stuff when I was feeling well enough to sit straight But I am hoping to work on it sometime this week end. As soon as I finish I will post it up and the link for all to have. I so enjoy doing scrapping kits and everything that has to do with anything artistic. I may not be the best at it but it makes me the happiest. I did have 4 years of art classes in high school and loved it. From the time I can remember one of the best past times for me..when I was a little thing was just to sit on the floor in living room in the sun..and grab my coloring book or pad and crayons..or pencil and just do nothing but create and color. Two of my children have a knack at it..and my daughter also picked up my husbands musical She loves music..and is trying hard to learn how to play acoustic guitar. I wish I could afford some lessons..maybe someday soon she will get to go to some. Well it is that time..I will see you all again soon..hugs for now..stay safe and be well.

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