Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Friend Abby's Site

Hi All..if you are considering buy presents for now or Christmas..please visit my friends new site.  She is a single mom and very hard working.  We have been friends for years and she is a awesome person.  The baskets that are offered are absolutely beautiful and I know that they would make wonderful gifts. 

I don't generally post on businesses..but I feel that these baskets are well worth it.  Also Abby is a dear friend that could use the help in promotion.  I am also asking if you would to pass the link to others and or put it up on your blog spot..I know Abby would be extremely grateful and so would I .  Big Hugs Anne

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Full sized extras for fall

I had a few extra elements that I wanted to share with everyone ..these are full size (scrap sized) elements..but I also include a png of tagger sized elements..also the preview is a png so you can just right click "save as" if you are a tagger and want them.  I am currently working on a kit (or two) for christmas..hopefully it will be done sometime after Thanks giving..hugs and enjoy Anne