Sunday, April 6, 2008

My first Kit..

I am very sorry to annouce that until further notice this scrapkit is unavailable..seems there is something wrong with my 4 shared account. I am working on fixing it..and really hope that I can. I now longer have my kit on this computer as I changed computer and accidental delete it. I thought it would be safe in 4 shared but somehow my rar file changed and was only a document that I couldn't open. I fixed the problem with my fall kit..above..if anyone had a problem it should work about this..and hoping to fix it soon. Thanks Anne
I have asked of Dec 1 ..I no longer can provide this kit..don't have it anywhere any longer..if you have it and would love to help can email me at I would love to have a copy back up..since it was my very first kit I ever is sort of sentimental. Thanks for understanding..and hope I can continue to bring some fun and new kits to lots of people! Hugs Anne

Because my friend Ellen was so wonderful and kept a copy..I know have my first kit back again can find this here:

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