Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So Sorry

Recently I had a comment on 4 shared about png format of my kits..I was willing to do one..but now my computer ( I have older 2000) is giving me a problem trying to re do files. I can't change from psp to png. Last night I went to psp and was trying to save all as png's and my computer froze..then I did hard shut down..came back with desktop recovery and a memory issue..so I am not sure at this time what is going on. I am hopefully getting another computer soon and as soon as I do I promise to do a png format..so I ask if you would like to see png format please by all means come back in a few weeks and I should have one up. I realize that psp format will not work in photoshop..or some other programs..and I will try to fix that in the future perhaps I will do my next in png format since that is a univeral format. I need a new computer first ..so please hang in there..hope is on the way in the form of income tax..lol. Hugs Anne

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