Thursday, January 1, 2009

My first tutorial

Garv in Flowers

Any resemblance to this tag and tutorial is

coincidental..written by me on Jan 1 2009.

Supplies Needed:

Scrap Kit by SeaChell..thanks hon here

FTU Natural mini kit

Tube by Kieth Garvy can be purchased at MPT

need licence to use his great work!

Or tube of your choice

Mask by weescotslass 155 click navigate then

go to download page Here

Ok lets begin:

1. Open new blank image 500 x500

2 Copy and paste paper 4 as new layer

3 Load mask WSL_mask 155

inverting transparency UNCHECKED, source luminance and hide all mask checked, checked fit to canvas. On layers pallette merge group and reduce transparency on layers palette to 50.

4. Copy and paste paper 1 as new layer.
drop below group layer on layers pallette.

5. Copy and paste frame 3 and re size to 70 percent..unchecked re size all layers.

6 Open tube and using rectangle selection about half of your tube..copy and paste it as new
layer and then drop it below frame layer...Highlight your frame layer.and select magic wand..then Selection
modify expand by 3 contact by 2.then selections invert. Highlight tube layer hit delete then select none
do same on bottom frame using second half of your tube.

7. Using color #5a1927 on both foreground and shape tool, uwe square to make a box just a
little bigger than frame , convert to raster. Drop below frame layer. Highlight frame layer once again then use
magic wand to select first box on frame hold shift key and select bottom box on frame..selections
modify..expand 3 2 then selections invert.

Then highlight square layer..hit delete now select none..and drop this layer below your tube layers..

8. Using flowers from size to 20 percent..add them where you want them..on each flower and
element..drop shadow..opacity 1 blur 18 vertical 6 horizontal 1 ,

Layers Merge visible

Using fx border fade II ..these setting..noise 7 width 19 intensity 67 darken/lighten 64 hit ok
Add name using color and font of choice drop shadow same as flowers and other elements...add
copyrights and credits merge and you are done!
Thanks all for trying my first tutorial..hope you enjoyed it..and oh BTW

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Betsy H. said...

Hi hun,great site you have,nice tut.
Hugs from Betsy