Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ok.. has been a while..

Ok..I have been lazy again..and haven't done anything with this blog.  So sorry..but I have been busy..still working on my Christmas Kit..should be done soon.    I have been doing some things in my house trying to do fall cleaning.   I have tons yet to do..of never ends.   I will probably be moving again..not my blog..that would be easier..but no..I am moving to another house.   Same town just another place..which means..packing and throwing away junk again..atleast I will getting rid of stuff I don't need anymore.   I haven't been in this house for a year yet ..but landlord is selling it and I sure as heck am not buying it.  I need something bigger.  I have 3 dogs..and 3 cats..well 4 if you count my outside one.   And with 3 teens and hubby and I ..we bump into each other a whole   But anyway..making this post a quick tubes to download and also my kit to work on..and it is almost 2 30 am here..guess I will be up a little longer.   Till next time..keep smiling..or your get wrinkles....

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